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HD 4850 Issues~

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Please bare with my n00bness questions~

I recently turned up all my graphics with my ATI Control Center(SAPPHIRE 100245L Radeon HD 4850 512MB) (All the ones under 3D) and my game(Final Fantasy XI) looks, to me amazing~

At that time I noticed whenever I did a 'roll over' type option in FireFox (like scrolling down the history list) my game/pc would get very laggy(Game would go down to 1-2FPS normal being 29-29.5FPS) if I minimized the game everything would run fine -- So for the most part it didnt bother me.......That said I recently started playing with Windows Sidebar and I can not have the side bar up and the game up at the same time :( it causes that 1FPS lag...~ The obvious answer I guess is to turn my graphics options back down :( But I was hoping for another alternative if at all possible~

On another note I would like my stupid card name to be in my 'display' settings for deskop resolution and not the silly 4800 series crap D:! I figured out I needed to goto the card manufacturer but I found 3 options that could be my card XD but beats the heck outa me which is which as they all look the same to me! (entering model number didnt help either :( )

Sapphire Technology - graphics

PC Specs if needed~
Game Resolution(I play it in a window'd mode): 1152x864
Desktop Resolution: 1920x1080
# Operating system:Windows XP Ultimate (SP 3)
# CPU type: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6400
# CPU Speed (GHz):3.2
# Memory (GB):3.249 (Should read 4gigs one day i'll upgrade to 64bit day)
# Card: ATI Radeon HD 4850
# Mobo: ASUS M3A78-T AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard
# Graphics Driver Version: 8.511.0.0
# Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1

All parts are no more than a month old of usage (Took me a year to build this new pc :3)~ gentle ~.~:wave:
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RAIDMAX is a porr quality PSU

I would return it and get a corsair 650w

Corsair 650w
after rebate $90

What are the temps for your GPU using GPU-Z
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