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Have trouble burning dvds

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I am having a lot of trouble burning DvDs. I just put together a new system. And I used my old DvD burner for the new system, dual layer 16x HP writer. I will give you the specs just in case it matters.
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
1GB DDR2 800 G.Skill
320 Seagate 16mb sata 3.0(plus I have another Seagate 16mb sata 3.0 320 for storage, WD 8mb 250 for storage, and two externals. 120 WD and a 200GB seagate.)
Xfx 7600GT 256mb GDDR3
550 Watt Antec
ABIT AB9 Socket T (LGA 775) Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard
So the problem is I got nero 6.0 and 7.0 and for some reason when I start to burn a DVD my computer starts to lag a considerable amount and there is also mouse lag. This never used to happen before. It also takes an incredible amount of time to burn a dvd even at 16x. I have tried 3 different types of dvds and they all do it. So I got CDburnerXP pro 3 and there is the same problem. It burns very slow and alot of mouse lag. I didn't actually finish a burn with nero because it was taking so long. I decided to waste a dvd when I tried CDburnerXP pro 3 and it work. Also I noticed in CDburnerXP pro when I got top burn a DVD the default speed it detects is 1.0X when I guess is quite slow and could be the problem but with nero it says I'm burning at 16X but it still goes very slow.
If anyone has any input I would be very thankful:smile:
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I know this sounds like it will do the exact opposite but cut your burn speed down to 4x. Even though DVD burners are mostly rated to 16x they very rarely burn reliably at that speed. Your problem could be caused by a lot of buffer under-runs which will cause the drive to start and stop burning frequently. While the buffer under-runs shouldn't cause a problem with the finished disk the more it happens the longer the burn will take.
Yeah I actually just got the 16x disc's normally I use 8x and yeah the buffer is normally 89-95 on nero but it was like 29-79 and there were a lot of drops.

I tried lowering it to 8x and it still does the same thing, the buffer drops down to 18 this time and the 4x helps a bit keeping it around 40-60 but it still gives alot of mouse lag and this never used to happen on my older pc i always got 89-95 with no mouse lag
So I Tried 4x and the estimated time was 14 mins. And I stoped it at 48% with it 25mins into the burn there is deff something wrong also the lag is terrible. If anyone else has anymore suggests please inform me.

Is your dvd drive set for master?
Also, change the power supply line for the drive to another rail.
Compute your total consumption needs with the above calculator, then add 30% to the total.
How would I go about making sure my DVD/CD drive is set for master.
What do you mean by changing to another rail, like changing the 4 pin molex to a different one?
Also the total was 386 watts
And 30% would be 116 I believe
check dma mode is enabled on the drive
Im sorry for my lack of knowledge about computers, but what is DMA mode and how would I go about checking something like that?
Again im sorry dai
go into the device manager,double click on the drive entry in properties make sure the box is ticked to enable dma
Ok so aprrently I have 3 different primary ide channels and all of them say the same thing. Although I only have one thing plugged into an ide slot, my burner.
It says the current transfer rate is not applicable. This is a screen shot.
Thanks for the help so far
Oh and also now in my computer my DVD drive says their is a disc in there but when I open it up it says nothing is in there, and also when I got to disk management it says there is 3.6 gigs or something cause that is the size of the disc I tried. And when I take it out it says in disk management that nothing is in there.
I guess the reason it didn't read the DvD was because that dvd doesnt work, I tried a lot of other cds and dvds and they all worked, I'll follow the directions of the link you gave me on dma and it didnt seem to look so I googled no applicable and I saw something about installing raid/sata drivers so I did that and rebooted and it seems to work now. I tested a dvd and the buffer was around 94-89% what it normally is and there was no mouse lag.
Thanks for all the help.
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