Over the past week I have been reviewing a Wicked Lasers EVO Laser rated at a minimum of 50mWs. Provided by Wicked Lasers themselves, the EVO laser is the world’s first customizable laser that you can actually control via your Android device, iOS device or PC. Throughout my review I will be going over the unboxing, build quality, features/specifications and finally my overall thoughts.

1 – The EVO with the included wrist strap.

The Unboxing

Sent to me was a review unit that came with additional add-ons and was shipped in a standard shipping envelope. Included was the EVO laser itself, a carrying case, an Android/iOS Bluetooth connector, laser to PC connector, user documentation, and the expandable lens kit which for customers is a $40 paid add-on.

To begin, there is the carrying case for the EVO that is designed to be clipped onto your belt and securely holds/protects the laser. When using the laser there is a wrist strap that can be seen in Figure 1. The carrying case is great for people who will be taking the laser to events or basically anywhere outside of their home.

As I said above, this laser is customizable, meaning you can change the dynamics of the laser. Controlled by a simple smartphone app, users get the ability to have the laser beam blink, strobe, turn instantly on, Morse code, fade in/out and adjust the laser’s beam power. To connect the laser to your Android device, iOS device or PC, there is a range of different types of connectors. Removing the metal shield on the bottom of the laser reveals an access port that can then be accessed by using the included Smartport adapter. From there, users can choose to use the 3.5mm headphone connector for mobile devices or use the optional Bluetooth connector.

Finally, there is the expanded lens kit, that in my opinion makes the laser that much more interesting and fun to use. The $39.99 add-on, the lens kit gives customers six new and fun designs that can be projected onto a wall or the outside world. Shown in Figure 2, you can see just a few of the designs the laser is capable of. The add-on kit will increase the price to $189.99, but I highly recommend it.

2 – A few examples of the lens kit.

Build Quality

Having an all-aluminium body, the EVO’s build quality is outstanding. Resistant to drops, scratches, and other wear and tear, the EVO is a powerful and strong laser both inside and out.

The quality doesn’t stop at the body of the laser, but extends to the lenses as well; they too are housed in an aluminium casing. The carrying case is constructed with a nylon material and a felt inside; therefore expect the case to be durable as well.

Built onto the laser is its own belt carrying hook (shown in figure 3) if you choose not to use the case or the wrist strap. Found on the back of the laser is the main power button and on the front is the power adjustment and beam on/off switch.

3 – The EVO laser itself.

Features and Specifications

This may just be a laser; but it has its own special features that set it apart from the competition. As Wicked Laser is all about safety, and you should be too; the laser cannot be accidently turned on. To turn on the laser you’ll need to enter a sequence that can be found in the manual. The sequence is to keep the laser from being accidentally turned on; the beam also turns on at only 50% strength.

The red power button is also a multi-function button since that is how users can adjust the beam’s intensity and temporarily turn off the laser beam to swap out lenses. Ensuring a large range of intensities, the beam at full strength is so powerful that you can even see the laser outside in full daylight. In order to turn the laser completely off you need to use the main power button found at the back of the laser.

One amazing feature is the fact that the laser runs on only two AA batteries. It eliminates the need to have an internal battery that requires be charged. It should be noted that with the laser on full power it will go through two AA batteries in approximately two hours. I have had the laser for a little over two weeks, and have yet to change the Duracell batteries that I originally put into it, but your usage may vary.

Finally, there is the smartphone application and PC development kit for the EVO. Being the first of its kind, the EVO is the only laser to give users the ability to control the device via their smartphone. As I said earlier in the apps features above, it a great feature for people who wish to tinker and change all of the modes and dynamics of the laser. However, I found myself almost never using the smartphone app and stuck to the basics of the laser.


Figure 4 – Wicked Laser YouTube Video for the EVO.

My Final Thoughts

I enjoyed my time with the EVO laser so much that I would recommend it to anybody wanting a cool “toy” to play around with it. One thing I want to try is to turn the laser into a Star Wars Light Saber. As the laser is very powerful and the beam is extremely bright there are some safety warnings to be said. If you do go ahead and purchase this laser you will see the aircraft warning, stating that it is illegal to point this laser at any aircraft; in other terms follow Wicked Laser’s safety page. For a $149.99 laser (prices increase for the 75mW and 100mW EVO editions), it may seem expensive but with the customizable features and build quality of the device, expect to have years of enjoyment with the Wicked Laser’s EVO laser.

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