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Have I lost Wndows Media Player for good?

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Hi Guys,

Unfortunately I'm not running windows XP Pro (SP2) with a valid wndows key. I've known this for some time. What happened was, when I took my PC in for a hardware upgrade a long time ago, I told the tech I also wanted to upgrade to WinXP...he thought he'd do me favour and install it using an already-in-use key, and save me the cost of the OS.

Several months ago, after running an automatic update, I started getting the "this copy of windows is not valid - you may be a victim of blah blah blah", so I did a little research and dug up a WGA removal utility which has worked wonders for me (aside from not being able to download wndows updates).

Well, I fired up WMP this morning, and thought I'd try the update to ver. 11 or whatever it is. I didn't think it would check the wndows key just to upgrade media player, but obviously I should have known better. So now everytime I try to launch WMP it tells me I'm running a pirated version of windows and the program will not load. Unfortunately my system restore has not been working for some time (generates the error: "system restore has encountered an error and needs to close" when I try to launch it), so I'm wondering if theres any other way to get WMP back without shelling out $$ for a legit copy of XP.

It's not a huge deal as I only use it for watching videos, but would be nice if there was an easy way to get it back....otherwise, I guess its on to Media Player classic...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Get Real Player? You need a good CD for all Windows updates... I have an unused legal copy of XP SP2, drop me a PM.
VLC Player

whilst I have always been able to beat WMP into submission, many others can't and the usual recommendation is for the VLC player...a very versatile piece of software that can play most anything..
Thanks, Wozer and Ben...

Realplayer I had tried earlier and just didn't like the way it operated

VLC Player is great...I had actually installed it some time ago but completely forgot I had it. I'd always used WMP coz the interface was nice and I was too lazy to change the file associations. Looks like both MPC and VLC can play everything I throw at them and probably eat up way less resources it's really just a matter of getting used to them.

Sorry guys, this thread wasn't really needed after all...though I appreciate the help!
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