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Hauppauge 1950 live recording with Xbox

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Hey guys! I recently bought the Hauppauge 1950 WinTV because my friends and I wanted to have fun posting some gameplays on youtube. I'm able to record my gameplays in theater mode in Black Ops, but I can't figure out how I can play on my TV while recording. I tried having my Xbox go through a DVD player, than into the WinTV, than to the TV via S-Video cable but I was unable to a picture from my Xbox. Does anybody have a set up that would make it possible for me to record through the WinTV while playing on my xbox? It would be greatly appreciated if you do!! Hoping this is in the right section also.

Thanks! :)

YouTube - Black Ops: Dual gameplay with Dual Skorpions
Our first video. I was actually surprised at how well the quality turned out.
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As long as you are playing in sd this should be pretty straight forward. You need 3 RCA cable splitters which look like this (2 for video 4 for audio)

RCA Y Splitter Adapter RCA Male to 2 RCA Female Plug Composite Audio/Video Connector In-Line Adapter Jack Splice 1 Pack Audio Signal Cable Joint Connector

you will also need RCA to RCA cables ( for video and for audio) which look like this Male 3 x RCA Phono to Male 3 x RCA Phono AV Cable - 1m (item 220762360353 end time 09-Apr-11 21:57:51 BST)

Each RCA cable which leaves your xbox (red, white, yellow) goes to one splitter, 2 RCA then go into each splitter. The other end of each RCA cable goes to you tv and you hauppage. It sounds complicated but it isn't, you are basically trying to get each RCA cable to go to both your tv and Hauppage. There is a whole mess of wires involved but the only alternative is to use a hdtv. This guy does a good demonstration of setup

YouTube - EasyCap: Setup + review (How To Record ps3/xbox/wii))

Please note this was done with an easycap but setup should be identical to your hauppage. If you are playing on a hdtv with component cables this is far simpler. plug the green, blue and red video cables into your tv, plug the yellow white and red video/audio cables into the hauppage and set the switch on the back og your xbox to standard defination. Your pc should pick up the signal.
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