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Has anyone seen a screensaver like this?

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I'm in the market for a screensaver to top off my desktop. What I want is the screensaver to show the desktop as is, but then flicker and roll like a television that's getting bad reception, or like in horror movies when aliens or ghosts are nearby and the television glitches out.

Here are a few examples:
YouTube - TV Reception BAD
YouTube - After Effects - Marine View (Bad Reception)

Or even a creepy one like this
YouTube - Supernatural Interference

If it hasn't been seen before, how do I go about making it myself?
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Do you have any knowledge of flash?

if so here is a great program: InstantStorm - a free Flash screensaver creator - turn your SWF files into a screensaver

The entire screensaver authoring solution—InstantStorm—is 100% free of charge, even for commercial use! Create an unlimited amount of screensavers for free, with no strings attached.

InstantStorm is extremely easy to use: it does not matter if you're a professional Flash developer or a computer user who just wants to turn their favorite SWF file into Windows screensavers, you'll always get great results without having to use the Help file all the time. For absolute beginners a quick Wizard mode is available as well!

Output screensavers work fine across all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows: from Windows 95, NT 4, XP to Windows 7; multiple monitors are supported as well.
I only have a little background into flash, but that looks sweet.
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