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Hardware Wizard Not Recognizing Devices

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I have just received a home built PC from a family member and it is running a genuine copy of Windows XP. I am trying to install a "Gyration Cordless Optical Air Mouse and Compact Keyboard." When I plug in the USB RF Transmitter, the Found New Hardware Wizard starts up and attempts to find the drivers for the Transmitter but cannot find the drivers anywhere. The manufacturer says that the device should be recognized as a Human Interface Device. After the Hardware Wizard fails to recognize the device, I try to point the wizard to the folder which contains the device drivers, but it still cannot find the drivers.

I tried the device on my laptop and it worked perfectly. Is there anyway to get my Hardware Wizard to recognize this device?

Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.

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Does the CD autorun when you insert it? If so, does it offer an install?
The manufacturer didn't give me a CD with the Keyboard and Mouse Suite. It's supposed to simply plug and play.

The CD Autorun has worked with other installations. I also have two other USB Devices that are recognized by the computer without any install CD (an external hard drive and a older keyboard), but there is also a simple USB Hub that is not recognized when I plug it in.

Thanks again.
I have no experience with those products but I have a few pointers\ideas for you to try.

Did you fully charge the mouse before plugging in the usb device ? thats what their guide shows anyway.

Have you tried disabling ALL running programs BEFORE plugging in the device ? anti virus and firewalls are often culprits for messing up installs, obviously make sure you come offline and stay offline until after you reboot as you will have no protection during this, to close them down right click on each icon by your clock and select exit\stop etc where available, they will all start up again when you reboot.

Go into your bios and check it is set as a plug and play aware system, then save and exit the bios, obviously don't change anything else unless you know what your doing.

And lastly are there any conflicts showing in the device manager ?

See if any of this helps.
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Thanks for your suggestion. Sadly, it didn't help. I've just tried to plug my scanner and my printer into this new (to me) computer and the Found New Hardware Wizard isn't recognizing either of them. I'm afraid I'll probably have to reformat the hard drive and just re-install Windows.
Well at least that way you'll know it's set up the way you want it, good luck.
before u go for a format try these steps
1. Check if you have USB 2.0 (go to device manage and open Universal Serial Bus Controllers and see if you have Standard "Enhanced" PCI to USBHost Controller).. may be the computer is using USB 1.0 and the device requires 2.0
2. start in safe mode and uninstall the USB drivers and restart in normal mode. In this way the USB drivers will be reinstalled (may ask for the Win XP CD).. then check if u can
IZF THIS FAILS AS WELL... Go for this:
3. another option is to get into your bios and open ADVANCED and look for USB emulation. If its off then turn it on...
Rest.... is ur luck...All the best
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