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Hey all,

Not sure of which forum to post this thread under...

I recently purchased and installed some new hardware. The new hardware is:

eVGA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256MB 8xAGP videocard
P4 2.6CGhz 800Mhz bus 512 L2 cache CPU
Soyo Fire Dragon Ultra 2 Platinum motherboard

Other hardware in my system (if you need to know):

1024 MB PC3200 400Mhz GEIL DDR memory
2 120GB Maxtor 8MB buffer IDE hard drives
48x Plextor Plexwriter CDRW
P.O.S. 19" Gateway monitor
350watt Enermax dual fan power supply

Now, here's the issue:

Every time I run 3dmark03 my machine freezes at the EXACT same point during the first CPU test (the planes if you didn't know). Also, rarely, my machine will do the same during a game. I have had this happen on a graphically intensive game and a lower quality game. I have checked my temps and nothing is even close to overheating. I don't have anything overclocked and have studied and attempted several BIOS, System setting, and video setting tweaks to try and resolve this, but to no avail. The fact that this happens at the exact same point in 3dmark negates the overheat possibility, and the fact that it happens on lower quality games negates a problem with the video card. I am both and gamer and an IT professional and I cannot figure this issue out. If anyone has ANY insight at all, please respond! I have tried reformatting and reinstalling XP as well as 3dmark, DirectX 9.0a, and my video card drivers serveral times, so count those fixes out now.

Thanx in advance to anyone with some insight,

The jokA
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