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Hardware or Software Problem?

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I have the following setup:
emachine T5026
windows XP
1 + gb of ram
form factor tower
mobo 533mhz

My problem is my system boots all the way up until it gets to the windows logo, then it freezes. I try to go into safe mode but it just gives me a bunch of DOS readings. I swopped out the HDD and still does the same. I tried to install XP and it install all the way until it says "windows is starting" and then it freezes at that spot. Tried loading it 4 times with no luck.
Would welcome any advice or suggestions on what need to be done to fix this problem.
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So you've wiped out the original OS and there is none on there now? Which "windows is starting" are you talking about? The one with the blue background or the one when it is done installing?

Run Memtest86+ to test your RAM for errors
I have 2 HDD, the one I get the blue screen is one HDD and the one that freezes up is the one that is used for the XP install. Both freezes up prior to going to the desktop. Can the memtest be installed with an external floppy, I do not have an internal floppy.
Just as long as you can boot to the external floppy drive then yes
no, I am not USB bootable, can I do it from a DVD?
There are downloads there for floppy, CD/DVD, and thumb drive versions.
Ok, I will try it and see what happens, thank you very much for the advice.
After weeks of hits and misses, this is where I am with this problem, the desktop(emachine T5026) still sticks at the windows logo, installed Windows 2000 on the new clean HDD to possibility upgrade to XP. Got alot of ethernet question marks in device manager and since I can't get online, getting the updates to fix the questions marks are really since I don't know what website I need to go to get the drivers since I can't get online. I tried to install XP on the new HDD but it freezes doing the install. So, now I have the original HDD with with XP that won't get me pass the windows logo, a new HDD with 2000 that has device manager problem and won't upgrade to XP(it freezes up the same place where the install occurs on the old HDD).
Someone suggested that I install Ubuntu and maybe it might fix the problem I am having booting onto XP. OH yes, before I forget, my machine didn't come with a floppy disk drive so I can't use a boot disk and when I use my XP disk to try to repair the boot problem, it ask for a floppy console, which I don't have.
Any new suggestions to help correct this problem?
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What was the original issue that prompted you to reinstall XP?

Have you tried cleaning the inside of case and then removing/disconnecting and then reseating all cards and cables (including the RAM)?

Are you using the original XP CD that came with the system or some other disc?

All of the drivers should be available from the manufacturers website. Aside from that, you will need to investigate inside your system looking for brands and model/part numbers so that you can track down the drivers manually.
The original problem was one day I went to log on and it froze on the windows logo and it has been doing that since. After the problem started, I have gotten a new power supply, got more memory and got an additional HDD. None of the upgrades hardware fix the problem so it has been boil down to software.
I am using the XP pro which I upgraded over a year ago over the original XP home that came with my emachine.
So, you are saying use the 2000 to get online then try to upgade on the new HDD again?
I tried to install 2000 on the brand new HDD and it does the same thing the old HDD does, freezes at the Windows logo. I've burned several boot CD's with no luck. Can anyone help me with this problem, trying not to go to the local geeks.
Do you hear any odd noise comming from your drives when you boot or restart?

Get an Ubuntu CD (more user friendly), or SystemRescueCD (has tons of goodies, including memtest) if you know how to use it.

Remove all unnecessary drives (including power connector), just leave the CD/DVD unit... or nothing if you can boot from USB.

You can run this OS directly from the media, useful to run some tests on the computer.
Other than that, what were the results of the memtest?
Ok everyone, got system to boot, now for the new bad news, after passing the Windows
logo, I get the message "NT5INF.CAT service pack 4 needed". Anyone familiar with this error? Iam installing 2000 by the way.
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