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Hardrive issues

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Recently, I decided to upgrade my hard drive from a 40G to a 120GB SATA western digital Scorpio Blue, however, when I reformatted my new harddrive I only see 40G for "my computer".

My question is am I wrong to have expected to have 120G? or is it something I did upon set up? Is there a simple way to fix this?

The computer was a stock Dell E1505 laptop before the hard drive upgrade running XP.

I appreciate any assistance, this is the first time I have upgraded a computer.
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What filesystem did you use to format it - NTFS or FAT32? Was the HD recognized in BIOS by the correct size or was it only recognized there as 40GB, What service pack was on the machine you formatted the drive with ( or the installation disk, if you formatted it with the installation disk)? Did you perhaps clone the disk from the original drive before formatting? What does disk management report for the drive?
I formatted it with NTFS and the BIOS also recognized it as 40Gb, I believe it was service pack 2, some form of XP, originally but now I have a different version because I did not have the original disks, I borrowed a friends XP professional and it is service pack two. I did not clone the original files before reformatting. Disk management is not something I am familiar with. where is it located?
Right clicl my computer, select manage, in the left column select disk management
Thanks, it says that it is a basic NTFS system and reports that it is healthy.

From what I have heard shouldnt XP automatically detect the harddrive and adjust accordingly? Was I mistaken in thinking that the harddrive capacity translates directly to the number I see reflected under "my computer"?
How about posting a screen cap, you can format the drive into multiple logical drives or partitions. If someone partitioned the drive, you may have only fomratted one of the partitions.
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