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Harddrive swap

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hey whats going on my friend gave me a better computer than what i'm using if i just straight transfer my harddrive to the new machine will it work with some modifcations cause i heard if i just straight transfer my harddrive with xp on it it wont work cause of bios settings and stuff and i have to format first, i just dont wnna lose everything on this harddrive and i have alot of programs i dont have the cd's and stuff for soo cause my whole computer is pretty much backed up on my secondary hdwhich i only use for storage soo thanks for the help
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Is it an OEM version of XP you have?
If so, you'll have to buy a new license before installing it in another computer.
If you have a retail version of XP you might be able to use it after running sysprep.
its retail i have the xp home cd the only thing the new cpu has is a motherboard and video card other than that i am using all my stuff from this computer
Sysprep is a bit complicated to use...

This should work instead:
Before you move the HDD - uninstall as many drivers as you can in Device manager, especially chipset, ethernet (LAN), video and sound.
When that's done - shut the computer down (do NOT restart) and move the HDD.

Now Windows should start with the new motherboard.
thanks according to windows sysprep is easy i just need 3 files and run an exe and i'm good to go i am on mcrosofts website and it seems easy enough thanks for the help man appreciate it
Well, it depends on what you want to do with sysprep. :smile:
Good luck.
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