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Hard Drive temp???

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Hey guys. I was just wondering, do smaller hard drives produce less heat? Are they faster (i.e. quicker to access files on them)? I am trying to justify buying a 40 gig instead of an 80. It is a maxtor ATA 133 7200 RPM. Thanks.
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Never gave a thought to the temp a Hard drive gives off...probley gets more then it gives...

If you can afford it always go bigger...more room for growth and longer time before new HD...IMO:winkgrin:
Okay 7200 RPM is probably the best your going to get without going WAAAY out of your budget. As for the cooling you can go pickup a harddrive cooler at bestbuy for like $20 which takes care of your cooling issues.... so in terms of speed you should look at the boxes and compare seek time... personally I tend to agree with Doonz on this one... go with the bigger one..... if you really need speed, save a little while more and a get a Western Digital Caviar with an 8MB buffer.... they'll scream along just fine.
Hey Val talking about cooling...what do you recommend for me ...

New intel board and P4 1.9...I hear they run hot so I was thinkng of throwing another fan in the case...any suggestions...PCI fan???
Are you running DDR Ram? If so you should buy once of those heatsink/fan kits for your RAM..... and as for the heat... see what you can do about getting a fan to suck air out the back as close to directly across from the CPU as possible... if you can do that without too much of those PCI blower fans work well other than the fact you need to use a can of air a little more often the more fans you have. All else fails depending on how much you want to drop go with a bad azz heatsink and fan for the CPU... that is my favorite solution to heat problems.
AMD runs hot!

Intel doesn't need all of the special fans a heatsinks, Trust me I have been there.

I am using an Asus P4T-E Motherboard With a 2.0 CPU and after running AMD CPU's for the past seven years I was also a victim of heat shock.

I use rdram which is pretty hot but an extra fan in the front blowing in and one under the power supply blowing out seems to keep everything quite cool

I purchased a couple of P4 Dragon 478 Thermaltake heatsink and fans with the three speed switch.

After switching over to the new heatsink and fan the temp remained the same. Switching the rpm's just made more noise not more cooling, A nice gimmick IMO.....:D

I have read articles where they removed the heatsink and fan while playing quake and the p4 didn't crap out it just slowed down.

I'll see if I can find it. Otherwise don't fret they run a lot cooler than the AMD's and don't fry easily...........:winkgrin:
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Thanks speed....

I was reading reviews of the Intel board and it said it runs system is loud enough...dont need to add more Ill set it up (wating for the damm memory -Rdram- to come in --expected ship date was 7/26 actual date still not posted) and see how it does...


DJembeplay -did we help you (sorry for hijacking the thread):angel:
Hey. Uh, the thing is I already bought a 40 gig. But, oh well. I really don't think I would use 80 anyways because I am mainly a gamer... I dont run FTP servers of anything, so I figured instead of an 8- i would go for the 40 which was $40 cheaper, ya know? See, I'm a college student, so I am always looking for price/ performance ratio :)
If you download a lot of MP3's you can eat up hard drive space pretty quick.

300 songs will use about a gig on average.

I have a vented grill in front of my hard drive just to let the air through. It had fans but it was to noisey so I just took out the fans and left the grill there.

It does let the air through because I still need to clean the grill on occasion.
people didnt think they would fill up thier 528MB hard drives back in the day....:winkgrin: if your a gamer do you stick to one game or play a bunch....they add up...either way G/L with the 40 and happy gaming :bandit:
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