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hard drive repair

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Does anyone know of a free program which will check and repair my external drive which is now empty. When I have it connected it starts making a noise a bell sound.
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Hi :wave:

It depends on what's wrong... Bad sectors etc cannot be repaired.
Download and run diagnostic tools from the HDD manufacturer.
If the long/extended test shows bad sectors the drive should be thrown away.
In my experience, a "bell sound" is a misaligned platter. As it spins it knocks against something it shouldn't and 'dings'. This could have been caused by a variety of mishaps, usually dropping or throwing the hard disk at something. Take it to a qualified service/repair technician to check it over, but I think thats what it could be.
Yes I think it could be a misaligned platter I have been to the medion site I could not see any diagnostic stuff there but I did call them I was told to format the drive and then do a disk defragment, the message I got from the format was unable to complete the format which made me think it could be the platter being misaligned when I moved the drive between computers I nearly dropped it but I caught it but it was jarred. With the defrag I ran the analysis and it said I did not need to defrag. Do I now have to put it in the recycle bin????
HDD noise is (of course) bad news.
Is the drive under warranty?
If so, ask for a replacement.
If not, open the enclosure, take the HDD out. Hook it up inside a desktop PC or another enclosure.
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