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I have a HP Pavilion 7955. I have been having an issue with my CD/R drive. It won't play any cd I put in, won't even recognize there's a cd in there. Also, the day before it stopped recognizing cd's, it was giving me errors when I try to record.
I have tried the following things:
1) uninstalled and reinstalled the drive
2) uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers
3) ran the computer's troubleshooter (no help at ALL)

After I tried these things, I contacted support on HP's site. The following is what they told me to do after I explained everything above.

1. Turn off the computer.
2. Open the case and disconnect the data cable from the back of the HP
CD-Writer drive.
3. Power on the computer.
4. Insert one of the discs that you have been unable to read.
* If the media indicator light flashes and then is on solid, there
appears to be an issue with the data cable, IDE Controller,
drivers, or Windows configuration.
* If the media indicator light flashes and then goes out, please
get back to me with the results.

NOTE: Be sure to test more than one disc, because a bad disc can
also cause the drive light to go out.

After I tried this my results were as follows:

With the data cable disconnected, I inserted a cd, actually 5 different
ones, all that are readable in my other drive. When I inserted the
cd's, I got nothing. No indicator light, and nothing after that.

And just to clarify, even with the data cable connected, I still get
nothing. No lights at all, aside from the light that blinks before the
drive ejects, which blinks whether the cable is connected or not.

And HP Support emailed me back and told me that the problem seems to be with my hard drive, and that I need to contact a technician.
I can usually remedy most problems with my computer, but this has me lost. I do not want to take the computer anywhere, because I know with the help of the right person, I can fix this issue myself.
So if anyone has any ideas, or anything else I could try, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much!!


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thanks guys

thanks guys...i thought i was right. the reason i listed it under "hard drive problem?" is because i was convinced it was just the burner dying, but HP was telling me that it was a problem with the hard drive. wanted to update to a burner with dvd-r anyway, so i guess i will be doing that now.
thanks for confirming my suspicions.
have a good one!

niece :grin:
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