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Hard Drive not recognized.

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Hey guys. Ok so we've been working on this computer all day. Had problems with it booting and showing a screen, but figured out the processor had a bent prong, and fixed it, and it works.

Anyways now the MB isn't recognizing, or seeing our hard drive. We haven't changed it since our last MB. Let me explain a bit. We were using a Gigabyte S-Series MA78GPM-DS2H and it worked fine then the monitor stopped working. So we tried a number of things, finally we had enough money to go buy a new board. The new board is Also by Gigabyte it's: Ultra Durable 3 MA790X-UD4P We have an AMD Phenom X4 64 processor and two sticks of 4gigs of DDR2 RAM by Patriot. The hard drive is 500 gigs. We haven't changed the settings from the old board I would assume they wouldn't have to be changed?
The HD is new and runs of a SATA cable. I don't think there is anything wrong with the HD except that it has the drivers for the old MB, but we can't get the computer to see it.

I'd love some trouble shooting tips.
We've changed SATA slots, flipped the cable, I believe my boyfriend changed the jumpers. We do not have another computer to set it up to, due to mine being ancient (IE: only has 1 gig of RAM).

Some help quick would be great, we are very frustrated and would love to get this up and running tonight, but I know it's sometimes slow.

Suggestions are appreciated I'll give you all the info I know if I didn't provide enough now.

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In most cases you have to install operating system again when you switch Motherboards...
Or do a Repair of the system...
I just wanted to ask what are you want???
Do you want to install operating system again but Setup is not recognizing HDD or you
are trying to boot but you get message that there is no operating system or you
simply can not see HDD in BIOS????

Are you able to try HDD on some other PC [on your ancient one if it has SATA port =]]

Keep us posted
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We are just trying to boot up. We switched MB before. Before we had the GigabyteS-Series MA78GPM-DS2H we had the Gigabyte S-Series MA78GPM-S2H and switched the MB to the Gigabyte S-Series MA78GPM-DS2H and didn't change anything with the HD. What we are doing is turning the computer on. And you get the regular boot up screen where it says IEEE (or something) : Dvd Drive (it sees the DVD drive and not the HD) so then it says Boot disk error or something like that. We try going to BIOS and auto detecting the drive and it doesn't see it. I don't believe that my old ancient computer has a SATA, it's a Sony Vio Desktop.
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