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Tetonbob suggested I post here - Please see his comments below. The original post is above.

I do not know how to address this issue with the hard drive space and partitioning. I have a 160 G internal hardrive, but it is using only 15G + 113G partition --- not sure why it isn't using the full 160.

Can someone help me, please.

Tetonbob comments -

Ok, in reviewing these logs, a couple things stand out, and it's not malware.

\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 - ST3160812A - 149.05 GiB - 2 partitions

C: is Fixed (NTFS) - 14.94 GiB total, 0.23 GiB free.
D: is Fixed (NTFS) - 113.06 GiB total, 32.19 GiB free.

System Drive C: has 0.23 GiB (less than 15%) free.

WindowsXP requires 1.5GB free space to operate efficiently.

So, in partitioning your hdd into a 15GB OS partition, you've not left enough headroom to operate.

I can see you've got some Program Files locations on C drive, and some on D drive. This means you're using space on both drives for applications, where in the type of scenario you've been set up with, nothing but the OS should be on C drive to leave it room to operate.

As this doesn't appear to be malware related to me, I'd suggest you ask for assistance in reallocating space on your machine in the Windows XP forum. This forum is for malware removal assistance. Please let them know you've been here, what I've offered as an explanation, or post a link to this thread in your new one.

As full as this drive is, (even D is getting towards being full) you may want to consider adding another hdd, or an external drive for storage, especially if a lot of that volume is in pictures and videos.

If you require assistance with that, ask the folks in our Hardware section.
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