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Hard Drive Failure (I Think)

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Sorry If I've Posted This In The Wrong Category, But I Need Some Help With My Dell Latitude D410 Laptop And I Think Its Somthing To Do With Hard-Drive Failure.

Whenever I Turn On My Laptop, The Normal Dell Screen Comes Up, Then The Windows XP Loading Screen. Then Blackness Or A "We Apologise For The Inconveinence" Speech From Windows. If I Restart And Go Into The Boot Menu, All Boot Options Fail. If I Do The Diagnostics Test, Everything Is All Fine Until:

Start DST Short Test
Test Results: Fail
Error Code: 1000-0146
Msg: Unit 0:DST Log Contains Previous Error(s)

I Think This May Indicate Hard Drive Faliure, But Really I Have No Idea.

Its Probably My Fault Though, Ignoring The "Your System Has Recovered From A Serious Error" Messages That Pop Up When my Sims Games Crash....

It Started When My Sims Game Crashed In Create A Sim Mode. (It Had Never Done That Before)

Could Someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help Me With This. The Laptop Was A Birthday Present That I have Had For Only A Small Amount Of Time.


I Have Just Arrived At A Blue Screen, Though Hopefully Not Of Death.

Its Says:

File Record Segment 4364 Is Unreadable

It Repeats Itself All Down The Screen, With Diffirent Numbers Each Time

Its Checking Some Sort Of Disk...
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If the drive test fails, then your hard drive is most likely on the way out.
If you got it new a short time ago, try Dell for warranty replacement.
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