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Hard Drive Connection

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My son has a HP1100y computer that we would like to add another hard drive to. We bought one and there is not a normal connector there. The connector looks like a flat Cat-5 plug:4-dontkno. What I am trying to find out is:

A. What kind of hard drive do I need to get?

B. Can I piggy-back that in there with the one that is currently in there or do I have to copy the old to hte new.

Thanks for the help.:pray:
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Welcome to the forum, you have a Sata type hardrive.
You can connect another sata drive if you have a spare sata connector on your motherboard
Check your motherboard manual to see if it does
Sounds like you bought an IDE hard drive but only have SATA ports on the board. You can either buy an adapter that will allow an IDE drive to plug into a SATA port, or get a SATA hard drive. I would take the latter and advise against the adapter. So I think you need a SATA (serial ATA) hard drive. Perhaps you can search the web and find a picture of the connectors to be sure. And yes, you can add that drive to the computer in addition to the one you have, as long as you have another port available, which you should if you are only using 1 currently.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

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I am unsure which "thing" requires the "flat connector that looks like a cat-5"

does your motherboard only have that connector or does the new drive you just bought have that connector?????

I suspect you bought a Sata drive when you need an IDE drive

maybe this will clear things up for you: note half way down the webpage there is a Seagate drive that is a IDE connection; is that what you were trying to get ???????????????? if so; thats an IDE or ATA drive

is this what you bought now ????? be conscious of the fact these pictures are rather big
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I googled his computer and it comes with a sata drive
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