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Hard Drive Config

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I now have three hard drives on my machine and would like to know the most efficient way to configure.

Win XP Pro / Intel D865PERL / P4HT machine

Drive 1) Serial ATA Seagate 300Gig split into C: & F: drives with NTFS file system (now my primary used drives)
Drive 2) IDE Maxtor 120Gig primary master G: (currently unaccessable, old FAT32 - windows crashed and I will soon reformat for data storage with NTFS file system)
Drive 3) IDE Maxtor 160Gig primary slave H: drive with NTFS file system(currently used for data storage and will continue to do so)

Should the 'old' Maxtors be set a 'Seondary Master & Slave' or Primary?


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I don't think it'll make any difference in your performance, at least none that you'll notice. I'd just put them where it's convenient cable wise.
hey denver,

since you have an SATA drive and use it for you o/s, put both maxtor hdds ont the primary ide channel.
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