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i am writing this in notepad, because i am not online, and will have to post it later.
i just wanted to let you guys know what i just noticed was happening to my machine.

about every 10 minutes my d: drive goes to sleep....

it seems that i am always noticing that my pc keeps waking my hard disk back up.

i have my swap files settings altered in an odd way:
i have a permanent swap file on drive D: that has a minimum of 0 and a max of 980mb
i have set my machine to not touch it untill physical memory is near full
it is usually sitting at 0mb but will sometimes peak up to around 60mb or so

so, because the PC almost never uses the swap file, if and when it does, the drive is sleeping.

so i have to turn off my hard disk sleep setting, or something.

maybe one of you has an idea of how exactly would be the best way to set up these 4 ide devices?

i have hard disk C: as Primary Master
i have hard disk D: as primary slave

i have a CD-Rom as secondary master
i have a CD-RW as secondary slave

i sort of have to have my Rom before my RW because i dont like to use my RW for audio discs and
my audio software likes to try and use the first cd drive it can.

i would like my virtual memory on secondary ide perhaps,
and perhaps my cd burner on secondary also
i plan to use C: as my burn source, although it wouldnt matter if i had to use D:
but i am still not sure if i can boot from a cd-rom if i have both my drives set as slaves.
(my rom and burner are on the secondary cable, and it will only boot from the master on that cable)

and does anyone know of a real good explaination of what is the best virtual mem settings?

i have a mere 450mhz amd on an asus mainboard
128 mb of 133mhz sdram.
i wont dedicate more than 980 megs for a swap file.
anyway let me know if yall have any ideas, and i will be very thankful.

P.S. i will be reinstalling anyways, so there isnt a worry about data or configs as far as that goes.
and i know all about jumper settings and cmos.

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