Since the dawn of drama, music has been a part of our everyday lives. The radio was a revolutionary device that allowed communication to reach among thousands of people and today has transitioned into a music playback system.

All across America, and indeed the World, there are thousands and thousands of radio stations all of which play different genres of music and there are even an increasing amount of online websites that broadcast music.

As I have mentioned before, and as some of you may know, the perfect music experience is provided when wearing headphones. They allow us to enter this personal world where we can remain silent yet enjoy and sing along to our favorite songs.

Being hand crafted in Germany, Beyerdynamic has taken the traditional headphone design and created a powerful, stylish, and outstanding new portable headphone unit. To compete with the high end headphone units of the music industry, the new Beyerdynamic headphones are studio grade headphones designed for the consumer market.

Welcome to my Beyerdynamic T70p Premium Portable Headphone review. Throughout this review, I will be covering the following topics: the design, sound quality, and my final thoughts. I would like to thank Beyerdynamic for providing me with the T70p for this review.

The Design

Branded as a portable Hi-Fi headphone unit, the T70p support a stylish design followed by a feather-light weight for ease of travel.

Before I discuss the design elements of the T70p, users will notice that the T70p comes with a carrying case for portability. Crafted out of a leather material, the carrying case carefully protects your T70p while traveling by having a very large soft-touch foam block inside. Additionally, there is a large stitched top handle, but that doesn’t compensate for the cases incredible size. With its large dimensions, fitting the carrying case into a suitcase or backpack would be quite difficult. Regardless of its size, it does make a great protective case that I wish all Beyerdynamic headphones would receive.

Moving on, the T70p provides an enthusiast design with an all-aluminum body, large ear cups, and comfortable padding. Starting from the headband, users will immediately notice the large foam pad that spans across your head, as well as, the extreme horizontal flexibility.

Next, there are the large circular ear cups which offer an over-the-ear, closed-back design. The foam padding of the ear cups, as well as the headband, are made from a soft-touch microfiber material. Although the microfiber covers are extraordinarily soft to the touch and provide great comfort, they tend to collect small amounts of dust or tiny hairs. It can be a hit or miss on whether or not you may enjoy the microfiber material, but I personally would rather see a leather material over the microfiber.

Moreover, the inner ear cups are lightly padded to protect your ears from rubbing against the plastic speaker grill. The outer shell of the ear cups supports a large circular design that is constructed using an aluminum body. Lastly, both ear cups provide slight swivel and tilt adjustments.

In the end, the T70p are extremely comfortable and have a feather-light weight of ~11.6oz. The single lined cable has a 90 degree audio jack, which I prefer, and connects to the left ear cup rather than splitting off.

The Sound Quality

As the band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, once said “One, two, One Two Three”. As you place the T70p on top of your head, begin to play your favorite song, and sit back and relax, you begin to fall into a music paradise as those 30 ohm drivers begin to rock your world.

Behind the scenes, the T70p is crafted to create the near perfect music experience. As a handmade product of Germany, the T70p has fully metal sound transducers with neodymium annular magnets which cause a, rich, powerful sound. Additionally, the T70p have deep bass that can amplify almost any song.

To ensure peace and quiet, the T70p have excellent ambient noise cancelation, equivalent to my Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros. At low volume, I could barely hear others in the room and when the sound is turned up to eleven you truly do fall into a music paradise.

Listening to rock and roll, followed by some top 40 songs, the T70p provided me with one of the best listening experiences I have ever had. The lows were filled with a heavy bass, whereas the mids became rich and the highs popped. To my surprise, the T70p even handled well outside the music category. While listening to YouTube and Twitch videos, the T70p allowed for crystal clear voices and even handled the multitasking aspect of voices and game sounds well. Furthermore, the T70p continues to surprise me with how well these units performed under a gaming environment. Although the T70p are not branded as a gaming headphone, they sure did well when playing popular gaming titles. All in all, the T70p are a headset that can be used in multiple applications and still satisfy your needs.

Finally, the T70p is equipped with the unique Beyerdynamic Tesla Technology that creates the perfect listening experience. By using a specially crafted driver with powerful magnets, Beyerdynamic can create a listening experience that is enjoyable for all, yet still maintain ultra-deep bass and crystal-clear lows, mids, and highs. You can read more about this technology here.

My Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Beyerdynamic T70p Premium Portable Headphones are a near perfect unit. With its extreme comfortability, followed by the crystal sounds, these new Hi-Fi headphones are a great recommendation for any music lover. At a cost of $569, the headphones are targeted towards the music lover who will not settle for anything less than perfect. If you happen to buy the T70p, you will not be disappointed.

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