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Handicap needs help with spreadsheet.

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Hi guys,

My name is Charlie I am writing because I am a volunteer fireman and in our firehouse we have a handicaped person that helps us with our radio room when there is an alarm. Here is the problem. He can type and use the mouse perfectly but his handwriting is nearly impossable to read!

I need to know if it is possable to duplicate our run sheets and such (not many maybe 3 at the most) onto the PC so all that has to be done is click on the area and the date or time will automatically be filled in at the moment of the click along with other such info like personel ID numbers and alarm codes.

Can this be done and or does anybody know if there is a service that can make one for us?

Thanks for the help
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It can be done with Excel however it will be more difficult (IMHO) than doing it with Access.

What you're talking about is having a "table" of predefined information that fills in a form based on "events" such as buttons, entering other fields, and some fields based on data from other fields.

I would recommend you use Microsoft Access and learn some VBA - or find someone local that can do some fairly simple VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for you.

Another advantage of using Access, instead of a spreadsheet such as Excel, is that it is a database. The info will be in there and you can then run reports based on whatever queries you come up with, whereas Excel is pretty much formatted the way you put it in, beyond simple sorting and filters.

Hope this helps.
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