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halflemon malware

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My computer has become infected with the Window Antivirus Pro (halflemon malware). I am unable to do anything with computer, cant access internet, or anything. I was going to try to reformat, but it won't let me. Operating system is Windows XP Professional. Any help will be appreciated.
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Can you access Safe Mode w/ Networking?

If so you can then follow the instructions in the guide below.

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How are you trying to format the drive?

Have you set the cd/dvd drive to be the first boot device when booting to the

Windows cd?
No I can not start in safe mode with networking. To format, I was going to the C drive and select format at that point and it tells me that it can not format.
In order to format the drive you need to set the cd/dvd as the first boot device and boot to the Windows cd.

During the install you will get the option to format the drive.

Doing this will erase all data so make sure you have your files backed up.
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