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Details for 27 million users were sold via the infamous Hell hacking forum, as a reporter for Vice Motherboard has discovered. is an online dating website, very similar to its more famous counterparts Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder, both hacked in 2015.

Mate1 data dump included cleartext passwords.

According to a recent news report, a hacker posted an ad on the Hell underground hacking forum, saying that he was in possession of 27 million accounts, which he was willing to sell for 20 Bitcoins (~ $8,400 / €7,700).

Soon after the ad went up, at least one person bought the data, which the hacker said contained only email addresses and Mate1 passwords in cleartext.

The hacker explained in his ad that he broke into Mate1's MySQL server, from where he dumped all the user data. He says that, initially, he discovered details for around 40 million users, but after removing duplicates and bots, the number went down to 27 million.
On its website, Mate1 claims to have 31.5 million registered users.
Hacker Sells 27 Million Mate1.Com Plaintext Passwords on the Dark Web
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