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Group Policy for Proxy Settings

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I have 16 Windows 2000 Pro workstations that recently joined a Windows 2003 Server domain. We use a proxy address to get on the internet, I am attempting to add these settings into a group policy that I created at the DOMAIN level and linked to my domain. I am using the new Group Policy Management Console, linked my GP, went into User settings, Windows Settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance > Connections > Proxy Settings, and added the correct address. When I go to my client machines, they are not able to reach the internet. I am sure that there is something I am doing wrong or missing a step. Would someone please help if possible. Thank you.
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Did you log off and log on to the domain to make sure the group policy has applied correctly? Go to the command prompt and type gpupdate /force and make sure it doen't give an error. Also check the event log and see if there are any errors.
Force the update at the command prompt:

gpupdate /force

If that doesn't work we are missing a step in the link of the GP's or the GPO is not enforced for the group or OU the computer/user is in.
My client machines are WIN 2000, when I go to the client machine and do a gpupdate /force, it tells me that this is an unrecognized command. I have rebooted the machines after the GP update.
Sorry the command gpupdate /force only works on Windows XP/2003.

For Windows 2000 use this command to refresh the group policy.

secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy

Verify the group policy has been applied correctly.
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