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Greetings, nice to meet you all...

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My name is Tanith, and I found this very nice forum simply by Googling "computer tech support", which I'm in need of. All that's explained in my first post, so I won't clutter up my post here with it. :wink:

Tell you about myself? Okay...I'm 38, live in northern Georgia, and all the computer experience I have is simply from machines I've purchased and operated here at home. This is my second Emachines W3052 with more bells and whistles than I'll probably ever need, but still a nice little machine even with my current difficulty.

I bought it primarily as a gaming machine...I play Guild Wars and Diablo II with some friends of mine. We have a little website and IRC chat server, and as I've said before I never realized how much of a geek I really am. It's great fun, though. :laugh:

So while I'm here asking for advice, I'm also looking forward to making some friends in the tech support community that I can learn from. I'm one of these stubborn old gals who wants to do everything herself where possible. And this looks like a great place to learn!

Tanith :wave:
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Hi Tanith1120,

Welcome to TSF. Jump right in and enjoy the forum.
G'Day Tanith1120, Welcome to TSF! :wave:

Enjoy your time with us!
Hi and welcome to the TSF family - glad you could join us. :smile:
Hi, Welcome to TSF. Glad you could join us :smile:
Welcome to Tech Support Forum, hope you enjoy it here
Hello, Tanith, and welcome to the TSF family!
Thank you for the warm welcomes, all. Oh, and Happy New Year! :grin:

I've already found some information which I think will be helpful to me. I'm just waiting for a bit more feedback before I attempt to rectify the problem, and I'll be recommending this forum to my friends for when they need help. A lot of them are like me...everything they've learned thus far is from trial and error on their own machines.

Tanith :smile:
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