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Great coop games

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Searching for PC games with great and lots of fun with coop mode or with people v comps. Any suggestions?

Got Company of Heroes and Battlefeild 1942 to Battlefield 2. So I'm more like a shooter/strategy gamer. But you can recomend any game!

And system requirements doesnt matter.
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Dead Rising 2 is fun, killing brain-deads is always fun. This time, you will create your own weapons and combine stuff together whit other stuff you can find! You can play the coop with other player (online, I think local is not possible).

Resident Evil 5, you can play this one with your coop partner aswell. It can get pretty tough, you'll need to save ammo and equipment while killing these "zombies".

I'm not sure about PC (but why shouldn't it have it) but atleast consoles have coop support (for story) in Dead Space 2 (atleast 1 had) for 2 players (you+friend). In my opinion, if you are looking for (3rd person) shooter/horror game, Dead Space 2 is the one.

These are the ones I had in my mind when you where looking for coop games.

PS. These coop games are based on the story-line, not multiplayer gaming (competitive gaming online as Battlefield's online).
pretty cool.

But I was thinking of perhaps getting Left 4 Dead 1 or 2.

Then the next would be getting Arma II. It said it has some coop mode.
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