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Grapihics Problem

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well this problem only happens during games, never occured when i am not playing. somehow all the games turn out to become big masses of funny lines and distorted images. screenshots can be found below.

i've tried cooling my graphics card by placing it under the fan. is there any other ways to get rid of this distortions??



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hmmm interesting, looks like some artifacts or something of that sort. Can you list your system specs and also the games you have tested this with. maybe then we can help u better

wow when i saw that it scared me and sat there for 2mins just looking at it in surprise. btw when you upload images could turn them into .jpg first for us 56k users. anyway it must me a gfx card problem or drivers as far as im concerned, if you have access to another gfx card try that. try updating your drivers

please post back with any more questions
hmm my video card is a 64 mb GeForce 2 MX

256 RAM, 2.4 Ghz processor.

i tested it out on 4 games. Warcraft III , LOTR : BFME, CS 1.6 and CO ( a mmorpg )

i asked around and i was told to take out the case of my cpu and aim a fan at the graphics card and the problem seems to have gotten less. what does this mean? and are there any efficient ways to solve this problem? thanks.
It means that your card is most likely running too hot.

There are tutorials in which you can add a fan to your vid card, but those are time consuming.

My advice would be to run it with the case removed and a fan running, or to just add a few more fans to the case to lower the ambient temperature of the computer.

don't know if that will solve the problem completely.
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