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graphics problem help

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q6600 slacr (not overclocked)
2x1gb ocz ddr2 800
750w thermaltake toughpower
evga 650 ultra motherboard
WD raptor 10000rpm hdd
pioneer 109 dvdrw
winxp pro
x1950 pro 512mb from some weird japaneese manafacturer called Triplex

Im thinking the graphic card bad video ram.

ive ruled out the psw (by using another one) the dvdrw (by disconnecting it) and tryed to rule out the ram by removing all but 1 stick and trying it in diffent slots.

It used to boot perfectly and run ok for about 30mins of games before it went pixalated and froze or maybie 2hrs on the net but it kept getting worse and worse until now im lucky to be able to get past the windows login page if it was just hapening in windows id think driver but in the bios aswell.
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What are the temps and voltages. Use speedfan in my sig if you need a program to view them. Looks like bad ram.

Also , your running an ati card on an nvidia board. Ati and nvidia products are best left seperate as the drivers conflict and often create odd and random problems.
cant get windows to stay up long enough to check anymore but before it did the volts were fine but the temps seemed a bit high i underclocked it and got it to run fine for a few hrs but it still froze.

when you say bad ram you mean video ram right im thinking of replacing it with a 8600gt as this is my first ati card and ive never had problems with nvidea before.
Well the problem is most likely the ati and nvidia drivers conflicting or the cards fan isnt working or you already fried it.
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