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Graphics issue... HALP!

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Hey guys... been struggling with this for a little bit.
Btw, I have an AMD Athalon XP (socketA/462) 2600+, 500w PSU with 40A 12+ rail, GeForce 6600, 1GB PC2700.

Motherboard 1 - During gaming (only in OpenGL) computer shuts off randomly. Can run in D3D... But this is slower anyways.

Motherboard 2 - During gaming, in OpenGL, FPS drops randomly. (Namely cs 1.6). It will drop from 100 to like 30-40 randomly. D3D Runs fine.

What's the deal here? No way both motherboards have fried AGP slots.... Motherboard 2 is new :/
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How are your CPU temps? The Athlon XP's ran hot at the best of times.

Have you cleaned and reapplied thermal paste to the CPU and heatsink when you swapped the boards.
CPU and GPU temps are ~45 C. Arctic silver applied generously to CPU, GPU, Northbridge, and Chipset.

Temps under load are no higher than ~50 C ever. Never go above 60.
bampp :pray:
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