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Graphics Cards (Not for 3d)

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Can anyone recommend some good graphics cards that are more orientated to running windows smoothly rather than playing 3D games. ( I own windowsXP home edition)

Im not looking to spend tons of cash of this, just enough to do the job well.

My main requirements are that windows graphics run along smoothly for example.

Windows opening and closing quickly, start menu opening quickly.

Basically in windows XP there is a display section where you can select various graphics options such as:

Show folders contents while dragging
Show translucent rectange for selections
animated windows and menus
add shadows to windows text

Im sure you know what im talking about, anyway I would like to have these turned on and for my computer to cope. Right now i have them all turned off (I am using mobo's built in graphics chip).

So there ya go, Oh by the way, I have 256Meg of ram, AMD XP1700 processor.


Graham Utton
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This link seems to just point to many many cards with prices,

I would like some recommendations for 2d graphics cards rather than 3d, mainly to run XP faster and smoother.

Are there any cards made specially for 2d graphics acceleration? Everything I come across seems to boast a whole load of 3d features without much to say about 2d. I dont run ANY 3d programs, there must be some manufacturers who cater for this need???

by the way I am based in UK, so US links wont help me that much unless they are reviews or similar.

Thanks Again

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