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graphics card or no card that is the question?!

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I have a problem!

basically here is the scenareo:
in my pc i have:

P4 ht Processor
D865GBF Intel Board
1.73GB DDR PC2100 RAM
80gb hd

1.73gb of ram and its so slow i have recently formatted my pc and re-installed windows and anti virus software and firewalls mean it cant be a virus!!
When playing games on the internet i get jerky playback and its jus crap as for internet games like wolfenstien you end up missing the targets! an thats on low, low quality!

could this be a new graphics card?! at the moment i only have an intergrated one!

if so what shall i get for about £40

Asus Nvidia 7300 gs any good?

Thanks in advance
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what kind of connection do you have? it could be whatever medium you're playing on (java based for example) is buggy or slow.
Do you have your video card drivers installed? Run (Start > Run...) dxdiag.exe and go into the Video tab and test your 3D acceleration (both ones). If it is laggy there, then you might not have full 3D acceleration.
its a 2gb broadband connection which should be able to cope with gaming?
It should, try the dxdiag program I suggested and see if any other online games do this.
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