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Graphics card comparison?

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Hey, just thought i'd start by saying that this site is a godsend for anyone who doesn't want to spend hours combing the internet for often hard to find tech support. Thanks :)

So here's my question: I've got a relatively new custom built pc (I can't give you the specs right off the bat, but it performs extremely well) and i'm looking for a new graphics card in the $200-$250 area (i might go higher depending on the quality of the card).

I like ATI so i'm sticking with radeon cards. I can't afford the x1950XTX (512 MB), so i'm looking specifically at the x1900GT and the Sapphire x1950XT (256 MB).

Questions: How much of a difference is there between these two cards, or is there a better ATI alternative for the money? I used to own an x850 pro and it utilized up to 16 pixel pipelines, while these two cards only use 12 (i think). Does this make a significant difference, or do the higher pixel shaders (36?) make up for it?

Just wondering what the general concensus on these cards is and how they will perform on next-gen games in general. I'd appreciate any advice you could offer :)

Also, I believe my psu is 450watts... i know it should be higher, but will either of these two cards still at least function with it?
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The x1950XT would dominate the x1900GT by preformance, what you need to look at is the graphics card's MHz this is the speed the graphics card will play in game, the higher the numbers the better.
My friend has a x1950 he says its really good value for money and it play grand in game but the only problem is he experiences the fan is very noisy and takes up 2 pci slots. I would definatly go for the x1950XT, i am from britain so i would not no if its worth the dollars but over here a x1950 is around 100-150 pounds.
here's the specs on both cards:

like darkness said, the 1950XT is wayyyy better...
Sapphire X1950XT for $250 at newegg, if you are willing to spend that much, go for it.
Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'm wondering though if I'll be okay running that card on a 450watt psu...

I've looked on a lot of threads on here that generally seem to recommend 500 minimum, but could i run it on a 450 at least temporarily?
u can run it on that PSU..

u dont gotta upgrade...
Post back with the details from your PSU label.
+3.3V = ?A
+5V = ?A
+12V = ?A


450 or 500 Watts is meaningless without knowing the rest of the details. You'll need a good quality PSU with plenty of amps on the +12V line. If this is too low, the system will crash when you run graphically intensive programs like 3D games.

Another card to consider is the Sapphire X1950Pro Ultimate, which is a tweaked version of the standard X1950Pro for about the same price.
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