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Graphic Card Suitable for Modern Warfare 2

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Heyo Guyz!!

Ive been considering buying A Graphic card for playing MW2....My friends keep playin it cuz their comp has an awesome Graphic card :(.....I dont have a Graphic card rite now...

Help me suggest Graphic cards suitable for MW2 and future games too, but mainly focus on MW2

OS: Windows XP
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 2800+

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Do you have a budget and what is the Brand & Model Number of your PSU?
To be Specific my budget could be from Rs.3500 to Rs.4500
Well to be frank at the PSU part i'm a little Confused!

When I saw the manual of my Motherboard, In the Expansion Card
table it said -
1 x PCI Express x16 slot for discrete Graphics card
1 x PCI Express x1
2 x PCI Slots

But when I run The CPUz, on the Mainboard Tab, in the Graphics Interface section, in the Version space it says AGP version 3.0

Ahh!....Now what shud i tel u?

PS - Is it this what u mean by PSU?
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How to know the Specs of ur PSU?!
The PSU is the Power Supply Unit, the box at the top rear of your computer case with all the power cables coming out of it.

There should be a label on the side of the PSU. Post back with the make, model and total watts shown on the label.

Your motherboard has a PCIEx16 slot. This is what you will be using for your new graphics card. PCIE cards need a good quality PSU, usually 550W or higher.

Post back with 3 screenshots showing the CPU, Mainboard and Graphics tab details from CPU-Z.
Well Here are the 2 of the screen shots....u can only post 2 at a i'll post the last one in the other...


And here's the last one!...


I'm not sure why CPU-Z is saying you've got an AGP graphics interface. Looking at a picture of your motherboard, there is no AGP slot.

The spec sheet for your motherboard says you've got PCIEx16. See here for details - ASUSTeK K8V-VM ULTRA (click the Specifications tab)

Have you got the details from the PSU label?
Well the there is a label And it says: AC 230V
That's on the back of the PSU. You need to remove the side panel from the case to see the label on the side of the PSU. It will give the make, model, total watts and some other details.
Well i opened my PC n there was this Kinda Big box on the top(Which I assume wud be the PSU)

So on the top left it was written: Mercury(Which i guess was the Brand)
On the top right it was written: 400W
Beneath 400W it was written model: KOB AP4400XA
And beneath the model was writen this: ATX Switchin with Power Supply
And den was a table describing Input, output etc.
That's the one. If you're ever unsure about what something is, type it into google to get a description or see a picture of it.

The Mercury 400W is a very low quality PSU. If you look at the input/output table on the label, it says 17A under +12V. This means it's not good enough for the kind of graphics card you want, so you'll have to replace it with a good quality 550-650W PSU before installing a new card.

What's your total budget for a new PSU and graphics card? Do you have any links for online shops in your country (India?) so we can offer some suggestions?
Well, For online shops u can go on eBay India - Online Shopping Mall: Free Auctions, Shop/Buy/Sell Mobiles, Cameras, Apparel, Computers, Bollywood Clothes & Indian Products...
Actually i'm just a kid n my dad wont really buy me a Graphic card cuz he is not at all onto games, To be frank he hates games!..
I thought of posting this thread becuz I am collecting money till my birthday(13, June) to buy i Graphic card myself..So I estimate my budget wud be a maximum of Rs.4500(About 100$)...I didnt know dat i'll have to buy a PSU too...

So can i get both of the PSU and a Graphic card(1 GB) in my Budget!!?
Rs.4500 is not enough for a good graphics card and PSU that are going to be suitable for playing new games like MW2 at decent settings and framerates. You need to increase your budget, shop around for some cheaper deals, or wait until you've saved some more money.

Don't be tempted to buy a graphics card without a good quality PSU. This would be a waste of money and could cause permanent damage to the new card when it overheats.

Examples from ebay:
Radeon HD5770 1gb - Rs.8240
Corsair 650W PSU - Rs.6925
Hey Koala!
THanks for telling me and helping me so much...
U kno i want to play modern warfare too bad wid my frenz as fast as possible!..
So i found out this Graphic card online wen I searched
Its Geforce 210
My current PSU Supports it..

Here's the link
Every PC needs good graphics.

Will this be fine for MW2?!
The GeForce 210 is a very low quality card, not suitable for games like MW2 at all.

For example, if a card like the HD5770 can run games at 40 frames per second at medium settings, then the GeForce 210 would play the same games at around 10 frames per second, making the game jerky and unplayable.

You're going to need a new PSU before you upgrade the graphics card. 550W minimum with 40A on the +12V line and an 80% efficiency rating.

Your 400W PSU only has 17A on the +12V line. This is way too low for any PCIE graphics card, and could lead to permanent damage if you try using it with a new card.
Well dat is too sad...
It said on the page dat it supports modern games lik WOW...
But if ur saying dat it wont i guess i'll have to wait longer.....

WoW is not very demanding on the graphics card compared to first-person shooter games like MW2. Most computers can play WoW with no problems.

Post back when you're ready to upgrade the PSU and we can start looking at the various options.
Koala!....I think i'm gonna make a new system...I think instead of buying a graphic card and a PSU i'll assemble a new pc....I want a pc to be good in multimedia...u can take my Budget as 25000...Can U temme all the models of motherboard, ram, Graphic card etc. so that i can buy them as soon as possible!?
I don't know what the availability and prices are like in India, so have a look at this thread for recommended gaming systems to see which one is best for your budget - - then post back with links to the parts you want to buy and we'll take it from there.
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