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Graphic card drivers keep crashing!

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I posted this couple days back and let the post die because I thought the issue was resolved. However it was not. Whenever I am in a game or join a game and in rare cases at my desktop my video card drivers will stop responding and 90% of the time Windows 7 can recover them. This happens to be every 5 minutes while in game and I do not know what to do. I have tried 5 different versions of drivers along with catalyst or just display driver. I run driver sweeper and restart each time I install/uninstall drivers. The card is not over heating. It idles at 30-33C and while in game 45-50C. I have cleaned the card and the PCI slot the card goes in to to rule out a bad connection. I am literally at the end and do not know what to do!

AMD Phenom II X4 920
4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 449MHz (6-6-6-1)
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA785GM-US2H (Socket M2)
DELL SE178WFP ([email protected])
ATI Radeon HD 4860 Series
488GB Seagate ST3500418AS ATA Device (SATA)
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Just a quick update. I threw in my old 8800GT and it lasted a long time without any problems. Then joined a game and within first 5 minutes game/computer froze and had to use reset button. 8800Gt runs a little hotter then I would like but I do not think that was the cause of the crash.

Any ideas?
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