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GPO desktop wallpaper and reverting back?

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Hey folks,

Sorry to barge in like this, but i thought some of you could help me out with a problem im facing.

Past few days marketing division in my company decided to bestow the same wallpaper to all of our 1100 domain users, and it was my task to test all of that and se how it works.

Setting up a desktop wallpaper via GPO in Active Directory proved to be simple enough (via user configuration-administrative templates-desktop-desktop-Desktop Wallpaper Enabled, and wallpaper.jpg on a server share that all users can access), and its working pretty good...
I can set and change wallpaper, and while the wallpaper is set via GPO the user can't change it.

We also wanted a failsafe where we could scrap that GPO wallpaper and let users select their own (if we wanted to) wallpaper. It seems simple enough by setting GPO desktop wallpaper setting to Not Configured or Disabled, but when i set it like that on next logon user gets his ability to change the wallpaper while the old one (which we set earlier via GPO) is displayed until a user changes it.

What im troubled with is if theres a way for me to lose that previously set wallpaper and just display a plain solid color background instead, while still leaving users able to change the wallpaper or background color.
We're afraid that too much users are going to go berserk over this new wallpaper, and just wanted to know how we can revert it back to the plain ol' solid color while (as i've said) still leaving user able to change the wallpaper?

All of our user desktops run Windows XP SP3.

I have also tried leaving the wallpaper GPO enabled and pointing to a non-existent image and it works pretty good (user gets the solid color background and the wallpaper isnt displayed, but they cant change it either due to GPO disabling customizing by default), and also tried using a 1x1 px JPEG image with solid color and tiling it, but ofcourse users still cant change the wallpaper, altho they do get solid background...

Anyone have any idea how i could accomplish what i need without logon scripts or modifying the registry?
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