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P4C800 Deluxe working (2nd time lucky!?)

Motherboard: P4C800 Deluxe
CPU: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
Cooler: Zalman CNPS5700D
Memory: 1024
Video: Geforce 5200 Tvi
Case: Lian-Li P60
Power supply: True power 430W
CD Writer: Panasonic
Floppy: Panasonic
HDD 1: Maxtor 160G SATA
Sound: on board

HARDWARE Connections:

AGP slot: Geforce 5200 Tvi
PCI slots: 2=Modem 56k
Sec IDE: CD Writer
SATA1: Maxtor 160G
Fans: 4 chassis fans with Lian-Li P60

BIOS Setup:
Version. Important custom settings:
Mostly default settings
***Configured BIOS to ENABLE Q-FAN***
Settled on the default (lowest fan-speed setting)
The CPU fan speed dips below what the ASUS Probe can detect so an error flashes constantly.
But my P4 is now running between 27 - 30 degrees and is a bit quieter, which is great.

C:\> NTFS 20G for XP
F:\> NTFS 100G for APPS
G:\> NTFS 40G (was originally intended for RedHat 9)

What you intend to use this PC for:

Everything was fine, quick as you like. CPU was running between 48-58 degrees.
Machine died after a month, problem was motherboard (known problem with PC4800 deluxe when fitted with an over tight "standard" Pentium 4 Heat Sync)
Store changed my motherboard and I installed a Zalman. Works great.

1. P4C800 deluxe doesn't like the standard P4 heat synch. Fit a better model.
2. If you're using SATA disks and intend on usig Red Hat 9 then think again, it won't recognise them. You need to wait for the next release or boot from a different kernal to install.
Something which is a) beyond me and b) I cant be bothered to do!
1 - 1 of 96 Posts
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