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P4P800 Deluxe working fine

Has been a couple of days now that I had major issues with setting up my new comp. Thanks to all the help I could get it running and it is a great motherboard and I am not using any of its amazing features, or at least not yet.

Here are some of the specs:
Motherboard: Asus P4P800 Deluxe
CPU: P4 2.6C Ghz
Cooler: no idea
Memory: amnt & part# 512MB PC3200
Video: ATI Radeon 128MB
Case: no idea for the brand just beautiful dark purple w/ window
Power supply: 310W
CD Writer: Sony 48x32x48
DVD Writer: None on this comp, one on the mac
Floppy: toshiba basic
HDD 1: quantum 20gb
HDD 2: etc. Maxtor 80Gb
Sound: SB live 5.1 mp3+
LAN: onbaord
SCSI adapter: none
Video capture: none
Keyboard: logitech basic
Mouse: logitech basic
Network: Linksys wireless BEFW11S4
Other: Samsung 17" black monitor flat

HARDWARE Connections:
PCI slots: 1=soundcard, 2=Video card, 3=empty, 4=empty, 5=empty.
Pri IDE: Master HDD as main O/S
Sec IDE: n/c Slave HDD
SATA1: n/c none
SATA2: n/cnone
SATA RAID1: n/c none
SATA RAID2: n/c none
Pri RAID: n/c none

Mostly intented for audio and video. Best pics and best sound.
+ school work...

1. No connection btw HDD and Mobo
2. Windows install pbs.
1 - 1 of 96 Posts
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