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I have a working setup, here goes.

Motherboard: p4c800-e 1010 bios
CPU: p4 3.0 800mhz bus boxed
Cooler: Zalman CNPS7000-AlCu with Arctic Silver 3
Memory: 1gig, 2-corsair CMX512-3500c2 (qualified memory)
Video: bfg asylum 5900 ultra 8x agp
Case: antec 1080amg plus
Power supply: antec true 550
CD Writer: plextor 48/24/48
DVD Writer: liteon ldw-400d
DVD Rom: toshiba 1712
Floppy: panasonic
HDD 1: wd raptor 36 gig 10,000 rpm 8mb cache
HDD 2: wd raptor 36 gig 10,000 rpm 8mb cache
HDD 3: wd 120jb 8mb cache
Sound: audigy 2 platinum
LAN: intel csa 10/100 pro
Video capture: wintv pci go hauppauge
Keyboard: microsoft internet keyboard
Mouse: kensington expert mouse pro
Network: netgear rt-314
Speakers: cambrigde soundworks 5.1 dtt2500
monitor: viewsonic p815 21inch
other:3x pc toys rounded floppy/ATA cables

HARDWARE Connections:
PCI slots: 1=empty, 2=empty, 3=sb audigy 2, 4=empty, 5=wintv.
Pri IDE:,master:toshiba 1712 slave: wd 120jb (for file storage)
Sec IDE:, master:liteon ldw-400d slave:plextor 48/24/48
SATA1: wd raptor 36 gig
SATA2: wd raptor 36 gig
Pri RAID: both raptors using ich5/r in raid 0 with OS and swap file.
Fans: 4 fans with 3 running off P/S (fan headers)and one hooked into 5 volt line off of P/S(molex).

BIOS Setup: version 1010
Turbo is set to standard, hyper threading is disabled, memory timmings are 2,3,3,7 1T(call it conservative), legacy usb disabled,

Windows xp pro sp1
4 partitions with 2 on raptor drives and 2 on wd-120jb
os and swap files are on the raid 0 array (man i wish there was a drive imaging program for sata raid 0)

games and development

Turbo mode was a tricky setting that would override my default memory timmings that i had set manually in the bios to the most aggressive 2,2,2,5 1T. I then turned it off because it was causing system instability and discoverd my manually set memory timmings returned to what they were supposed to be. no problems occured after i changed the setting for turbo mode to standard.

1.wintv software was causing system hang during shutdown this was quickly fixed by disabling hyper-threading.
2.The only problem i have is about every 200 cold boots the motherboard will not post but will power up. IT seems to me something to do with the memory because it doesn't initialize the video. Well all i do is just hit the reset button once and the computer will post no problem. I've checked the memory with memtest and found no errors, hopefully this annoying problem will be fixed in a bios update but then again it's really not that big of a deal.
1 - 1 of 96 Posts
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