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Hi....I have been running LE 6.1 on a desktop with the original Mbox for a few years and am now looking to upgrade to LE 8 on a laptop. Am very scared about compatibility issues (official website only lists top end laptops around £1500...I can't afford that, and don't need to run full track capability), and would be grateful for any suggestions for a good laptop...

Budget: Up to £800
Screen: Widescreen nice but not essential
Brands: Not fussy, but not keen on acer.
Mobility: 1 hour or more would be fine for battery.
Durability: Normal use.
Multitasking : Would like to run internet in background, plus Reason 4 and editor for Line6 ProXT rack unit.
Gaming: Not needed.
Calculations: Running Adobe video editor.
Storage: 250gb upwards ok
Optical Media: Basic cd/dvd reading ok.
Operating System: Vista
Location: UK

Many thanks,

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