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Going from windows 98SE to Windows 2K....

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Is it possible to upgrade my Windows 98SE OS to Windows 2000 or is it better to re-format my drive and start clean ? I'm not getting any audio on youtube's website and I believe that the culprit is my OS. According to youtube, you need windows 2000 or higher in order to hear anything. I've tried installing various codecs and so far nothing has worked for me. I'm thinking of just buying a used copy of Windows 2K from my local computer store (they sell old software too) and just try to upgrade my Windows 98SE. Is it possible to do this ? I've heard that there are alot of problems with Windows 2K.

The only reason I want to upgrade is because I'm not getting any audio when trying to use a flash player online. Any help is appreciated. :wink:
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hi, can we have some system specs please?
Also i would reccomend XP over 2K/ME ANYDAY!
- Josh -
Sorry...forgot to add the specs. I have a P2 350 mhz with 256 RAM and my sound and video cards are integrated. I get audio from everything else (midi, wav, mov etc.) even when I put a CD in my drive I get audio. But for some odd reason, online flash players (like the one on youtube) I can't get any audio whatsoever. I have Ralck on the "Sound Card" section working on this for me. My question to you is can I install windows 2000 over 98 successfully ? I only have about 1 GB of space left and heard that 2000 takes alot of room on a hard drive. Is it possible or should I reformat ?
oops..double post. Sorry. Please help me out, thanks.
Have you checked to see that you have the latest codecs? (google for free downloads.) These are different than drivers, but you need to stay current sometimes. Just a hunch...?
I've already tried installing something called "K-Lite Codecs" version 2.82 I believe. These are the latest codecs I have found. Someone told me to install the program and check off under the Registry section "fix non-working sound". The problem is that using Windows 98 SE, I don't get that as an available box to doesn't even show up on screen. I tried downloading the same program at work (using XP) and the box is there. I guess this fix isn't for windows 98 SE. I have someone in the tech department in the "Sound Card" section of this website working on it. It's been almost 5 days since I've received a response from him. :normal: I've asked him to try and install these codecs on a windows 98 OS and see what happens. Oh well. I'm looking into just upgrading windows 98SE to Windows 2000 professional. Hopefully the change in OS should fix the sound problem I'm having with youtube. If anyone has other suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. :wave:
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Well, I wouldn't give up on the codec idea. There is one from sourceforge, and another is called codecpackallin1 I think for "codec pack all-in-1." Google those. I can't say about Win98 SE, but I hadn't heard that it is unable to play some sounds. Of course the way things change there's a lot I don't know continuously. :)

You surely have downloaded and installed the latest driver from the sound card manufacturer's website? Sometimes you need an update for that too...?

Good luck,
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I've looked into those 2 programs baker, but I don't know if they're going to help my sound problems. I went to sourceforge's website and found this:

Is this what I need ? I was a bit lost on there not knowing what to download. I just typed in "audio codecs" in the search engine and wanted to ask if the above link is what I need in Windows 98. If it's not, please provide a link to what I could use, thanks.

As far as the "all in 1" program is concerned, I believe that program is only for video. I get video from youtube but no audio. It just says that it provides support for Divx. I need help with youtube. I get audio from everything else except online flash players, so I don't believe that program would do anything. I'm emailing you from work so I'll try installing both programs when I get home and at least give them a shot. If you think of anything else in the meantime, please let me know. Thanks again baker. :wave: more thing. My sound card is integrated so I don't know if I can upgrade it's hardware. To be honest, I don't even know which manufacturer makes it. But it provides sound for any games I play, music, etc. For some odd reason the only thing it can't play is audio from youtube. Weird eh ?
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Even with an onboard sound card, you'll find it has a unique maker. Just look in device manager. Then see if there is an updated driver at the manufacturer's site.

I googled and found some interesting things with this exact string:

sound problems flash player 98

One thing I see is that you may need to get the latest directx version.

Keep trying. You'll get it.

You're right about movies, but you need the codecs for the sound too.

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