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God **** You Stupid Cd Rom Drives

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Cd Rom Drives

i changed my case to a new one
and i put everything in
but i didnt plug the wirs in the tech ppls at the computer sore did
and now the CD-RW & DVD Rom wont show up in the my computer
in device manager it says they work fine
but device manager is a dumb peice of crap:upset: :upset:

and i would realy like some help on how to get em fixed
i have tried unpluging the wirs to them adn re pluging them back in but didnt help

i have asked so many ppls and they didnt know then i thought about this place so i came and posted this message...

if no one can help i will take it back to the store and get it fixed...

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Are the jumpers on the back of the units set correctly?
and what are jumpers?
the small thin wires or the ones that are chunky??

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These people are only trying to help, please do not yell at them.

you will see some little black or blue plastic peices on the back of the drive, not the power wire (4 wire connector) or the ide cable (40 or 80 wire connector) but the spot that doesnt have a cable on it, it has these little "jumpers" that tell the drive if it is first or second in line...

one has to be master and one has to be slave, on each cable..

unless you set them to cable select.


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I have the same problem......... I hv a LG dvd reader and a LG cd writer...... when both where connected at the same they got a different recognition, like some generic SCSI or other........., and they got mixed up, like when clicking open.... they both did it at the same time....; When I disconnected one, the other got recognized & worked fine.....

The cable connection..... I'm using the same flat 40 pin cable on both, but only one drive has the smaller 4 pin (female) cable connected to the mainboard.. and yes I have the power cable on both... I see the mainboard has a empty socket for the smaller 4 pin cable...... should I get a cable and connect the other drive to the mainboard?......

I have another computer with a burner & a reader and works fine with only one small 4 pin cable....... !!!!!!

BUT yesterday I red somewhere to update my ASPI layer.... I have a ASPI checker and saw my ASPI's where not installed properly so I downloaded a WIN 2K aspi fix and installed....... now I have no recognition at all, the device manager says the drivers are corrupted and cannot install them....... so as of now no drives running in the system.......

I know I can get the system back on a better date, but I want to get things straight........ first the cabling........... BIOS, sofware etc....

Can anybody help please?
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Do you have one jumpered as master and the other jumpered as slave? And you should connect the both to the secondary IDE port on the motherboard using the same IDE cable.

Your hard drive should be connected to IDE one, or the first IDE port on your motherboard using another IDE cable.
Yes indeed, I hv a 60 gig master Hd and a 120 gig slave HD on ide one using the same 40 pin cable......., and ide two is for a DVD reader and a CD burner, I was advised to use the burner as Master and the reader as slave....... is this correct??..., but what about the 4 pin cable?, I have only one which I use in the current Master........

The four pin is for cd-audio. This will be the drive you want to use to listen to cdaudio.. Either for music cd's or games.
Hi Idtent!!!!!!!, I don't forget the little reg script you sent me about a month ago....... the Solo Antivirus people got interested in this miracle restoration..... As you can see I can't stay away from trouble, this time is my machine......

Wish something as the little script will fix this problem..........

So the 4 pin cable is the audio cable....... this means I can hv both drives plugged to the audio card?? (this case audio is integrated to the mother board).....

Then this answers my first question....... What about the drives set up..... would you use the burner as master?? does it mater?

Nice hearing from you........

AMD Athlon XP 1.6, Win Xp Pro with SP 1, 1 Gig Ram, LG DVD ROM DRD8160B and LG CD RW GCE 8520B.
I don't have any factual data to back me up, but I have had better luck setting up the burner as the Master drive. In my own tests, I had less buffer underruns running the burner as master on the secondary IDE controller.

Personaly I switched to SCSI, and now never have Buffer Underrun problems.

As far as the audio cables go. If you have a Line_in port next to your cd_audio connector. You can hook the second drive to this.

You can go into the volume properties by double clicking the volume icon in the task bar and make sure that the Line In is enabled and not muted.

Good Luck
Thanks for the advice...... I'll try......
Still can't get the LG drivers I need, they only offer Firmware updates, and the LG drivers from other independent sources don't work...... the LG support people say I should reinstall Win XP to get the drivers back.... a funny way out for LG.... I did use the burner for 2 weeks and was very good, had no problems at all, was fast, no buffer underun problems nor discarded Cd's..., think is a good burner but their support sucks!!... they are too busy selling.....

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