After the massive success of the Raspberry Pi, it was surely not long before rival products would start appearing. The Gooseberry ARM based device is faster than its rival with a 1GHz A10 processor, though it can be over-clocked to 1.5GHz, and double the memory starting at 512MB of RAM.

Available from $62 it only consumes a mere 4 watts of power when active and 2.3 watts when on standby. It comes with 4GB on board storage which is expandable using a micro SD card, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n and a Hdmi slot (no VGA output available).

At the moment the only operating system the Gooseberry ships with is Android 4.0 ICS but plans in the future to make an Ubuntu compatible version though with no hardware acceleration at the moment and an Arch Linux version which looks likely to be the main, and most updated, version thanks to Arch's rolling release cycle.

After the Goosberry first released it sold out 500 units meaning that none are available at the moment but should be in the near future.