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Give a Noob a Hand

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This is the first time I have constructed a PC. I got everything together and plugged everything up, but when I conducted my first test the fans spun and the lighting turned on, however the power cut within a split second. What is the problem here, misconnections or a fried component?
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Well, there could be a few things happening here. My first thought is the CPU heatsink is not properly fitted on. Check to see if it wiggles at all, and maybe try to reinstall it, following the thermal grease link in my signature.

Of course, with a newly built system there are many things that can go wrong. If the heatsink leads no where, then take all of the components out of the case. Put the motherboard on a piece of cardboard and only install the CPU/heatsink, RAM, and Video card. Short the power pins on the motherboard with a small screwdriver or the like and see if that boots up. If it does, shut it down and add a new device, such as harddrive or sound card. Keep doing this until you either find the problematic device or all devices are installed. If all work properly together, put it back in the case, being very careful that the motherboard doesn't make metal-to-metal contact with the case (you might need rubber or paper washers between the motherboard and standoffs).

Also, I may have missed it, but what are you system specs? It would help us to diagnose what might be the problem if we know what's in your rig.

Let us know how that goes. Cheers!
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Also, try reseating the RAM. Test each stick in the computer, one at a time. And do you hear any beeps?

With these symptoms, I am betting on a short from either a misplaced motherboard post or touching the side of the motherboard on the case. Therefore, I would highly recommend what was said earlier about taking the board out of the case to do a basic component build.

Post back with results/questions/concerns.
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