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Similar problem


I have a very similar problem. My newly assembled system is:

Athlon XP 2600+
GA-7N400Pro M/B
2 * 512Mb DDR (333Mhz)
GeForce 4 4200Ti (AGP 4x / 8x)

Hence an FSB of 166 should be correct. My system is only stable at an FSB of 100 - anything higher and I boot OK but get random system resets. I set my system to 100 long enough to get Windows XP Pro on, along with all the Gigabyte Motherboard utilities loaded. I have not solved my stability problems at over 100MHz yet but have made the following observations:

* The CMOS option for Memory Frequency - based upon the Gigabyte Easytune util I would say that for me that changing this option doesn't have any effect on my system configuration. I can set 'Auto' or 'By SPD' and always arrive at a memory speed of 333 (which is correct).

* CMOS option for system performance - I use 'Optimal' too but have also tried a couple of settings under 'Expert' out of curiosity with little success.

* CMOS setting for AGP - whether I set '4x' or 'Auto' in the BIOS I am informed via my nVidia Detonator driver that my card is running at 4x. Neither reduced my crashing...

My system resetting occurs mainly when my PC is required to do some CPU / Graphics intensive work - like running a 3D game or DVD playback. This behaviour is VERY similar to teething troubles I had with my last Gigabyte board (which was VIA based) - which was eventually solved by a M/B driver update. As a result I've hunted round a little for drivers for our motherboard - I have the driver CD version 1.1 and have also tried the nForce 2 driver from nVidia with no extra success either!

Sinergid - have you managed to overcome your problems yet? Anyone else come across drivers / configurations to address this? Any advice would be very appreciated - currenty I am only stable when clocked down to the speed of my old system before upgrading!!!! :upset:

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