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Getting kicked off the internet

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I called and talked to a guy at my ISP informing him I was getting kicked off the internet every 5 to 20 minutes even with up to 5 windows active. He told me it was my OS WinME. So I log on with NZ and I get the same thing. The third time my window hangs and I get this blue screen:
An exception OE has occured at . . . It may be possible to continue normally . . .
Yeah, right. I hit 'any key' and I come back to the blue screen. I hit alt-ctrl-delete and the window freezes so I do an illegal shut down. I waited and turned it back on and it came up like nothing happened ! I turned off Norton Dr. but left anti-virus going and right now so far so good . . . *fingers crossed*
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Is this new....the only thing nice about ME (mistake edition) is system restore...Start- programs -accessories-system tools- system restore
It has done both before and after and after a refresh of Windows so I kind of doubt it is anything except a possible program flaw written in the program ( I once programmed using COBOL twenty years ago :angel: )
OK how are we connecting....what type of modem??? Cheaper cheap or decnt one USR...??? Have we tried new drivers....

how much Ram....Just sdome random thoughts
SprintDial ( not a part of the LD phone bunch ) or NetZero. I have an Arktech modem riser 56k and 3000MB set aside for use on the internet. Believe it or not, I turned off Norton System Doctor before I logged on and from the time I posted this thread to now I haven't been bumped !:D I think I'll leave the Doc off . . .
Nortons is good for two things ONLY

Virus detection and Disk Defrag...trun it off and watch you resouces come back...HMMM:winking:
You always learn something new . . .
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