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Hello to all,

So I have a HP IQ500 TouchSmart Desktop at the moment:
Here are the specs:
OS: Vista 64x Home Premium (Touchscreen)
CPU: Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T6400
Chipset/Video: Intel Mobile 4 Series, Intel GM45/GM47 (This is the problem)
RAM: 4 Gigs DDR2
System Number: NC701AAR
Serial Number: 3CU85012FN
BID: 91NAv6XrA2

So whenever I turn on the system, after I run a few light aplications, like Internet Explorer or PC Wizard for example, the screen turns dark for 2 seconds, and the error message: "igfx display driver has stopped responding and was successfully recovered" pops up. This may happen once every 30 minutes or even around 5 times in 20 Seconds, resulting in a blue screen of death. The latest driver which is currently installed for the Intel chipset is ( which seems to be causing the problems. This driver is also unsigned by microsoft, but is the most current driver to date (pcd5srvc_x64.pkms, igfxcoin_v1908.dll, and igdkmd64.sys comes up as unsigned in sigverif.exe). I uninstall this driver through Hardware Manager, but the current driver then goes down to (6.0.6001.18000). Even though this old driver is stable, my resolution is horrible and websites with picture intensive pages lag and flash like crazy.
I've been searching the internet all night with this problem, and this is my last resort for an answer. I don't know what else to do. I can't even find a lower driver version for this chipset on Intel's support page.

OK, now that I disabled Windows Aero, it seems to be stable, but this also did not solve the total problem.
When I have windows Aero enabled, and specifically when I move icons on my desktop to different places (Just dragging and dropping), my Chipset's driver fails on me, but successfully recovers. Also, when I hit Alt tab, the driver crashes immediately and "recovers" for about 5 times until the Blue Screen of Death appears.
The point of getting this touch screen is to use the Windows Aero for the HP TouchSmart Application that comes with it, and without windows Aero, much of that experience will be lost.
It's confirmed that Windows Aero is causing the main problem of the driver failing, I am 90% sure, but I don't want to disable it.

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