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Gudday all
Part of my job involves moving printers from display site to display site for a large volume home builder.
When the printers are moved the IP address will be need to be changed and thus the printer's detail in the XP laptops will need to be changed or a new location icon created. For various reasons I find it easier to make a new location and add in the details.
I use the Add Printer Wizard on the sales rep's XP to make the new location. I create a Standard TCP/IP port, add the IP address etc: and continue until I need to install the printer software. My work uses almost exclusively Canon printers.
Since this printer was previously used by this laptop, albeit in a different physical location I would have thought that the driver would be available on the laptop. Yet the wizard asks me where the drive resides. Since I don't know where on the laptop the driver resides I am forced to down load it from our network for every laptop when I change locations.
(sorry for the long winded explanation)
Where within XP would the driver(s) reside so that I might reuse them again and again?
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