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Getting a graphics card to work on a W3050 Emachine

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Okie, I have an Emachine W3050 computer, I have a graphics card (Geforce X700 Pro) and I want to use it, but everytime I put the card into the agp slot, the computer will start up, but wont show anything on the monitor, and it wont work till I take it out and replug it into the Mobo slot.

I figured it was onboard graphics, but with this machine, I cannot seem to find where to disable it. I checked BIOS and device manager, but it didn't show me what I needed to disable.

Would anyone be willing to help?
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Welcome to tsf. Did you mean an ati x700 pro? Geforce doesn't make the x series.

Was this card originally in the machine?
Ich i'm sorry. I meant ATI - I'm a bit frazzled right now.

No, the card is an agp card, I have onboard graphics, I tried disabling them, but even then when I put it in the computer, it wont show any images on the pc.
Are you sure the card and machine are both either 4x or 8x?
I'm sure my computer is 4x.. not sure about the card. Is there any reason why the card wont bring an image to the monitor?
Either the card is dead or not compatible with the pc or the agp slot is dead.
Is your power supply up to the job? It needs to output 18A on the +12V rail.
Sorry, was busy yesterday.

I fixed the issue, what was wrong was that the computer wasn't seeing the onboard graphics drivers correctly, so when I'd try to put the new card in, it wouldn't work. So I got the restore disk, put it in the cd drive and then went into the device manager and updated drivers, it found the drivers on the cd, reinstalled them and then it showed the onboard as a correct graphic device.

After that, I disabled it, turned off the pc and put the card in. Then I hard booted it, and it worked!! After that, I installed the new drivers, and it's been working fine ever since. It was just a lame driver issue.

But thank you all for taking the time to help me with my problem, I do appreciate it.
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