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Get rid of ALL FF popups!

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Important announcement for Mozilla users:

Many of you may have noticed that the forces of evil have found a way to get popups through Mozilla 1.0.6. This is actually an exploit related to Flash. However, there is a solution! It's published on the Mozilla site, but it took me a while to spelunk to it, so for the benefit of popup-haters everywhere, here is the procedure:

1) Type about:config in your URL bar. This will bring up all your mozilla options.

2) Right click on the page and select New>Integer. It will ask you for a name. say "privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins". It will then ask you for a value. Say "2".

3) Quit all copies of Mozilla. From now on, that particular exploit won't work anymore.

Here's a URL you can use to test. It generates a popup using the Flash exploit
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That'll be a useful bit of information.

The popup didn't work me on that site. The reason turned out to be that I'm using Firefox 1.5 Beta 1. The line is already included in that by default.
Thank you for the tip... i wonder if 1.0.7 fixed it?
1.07 didnt fix it, as I still got the popup with it, thanx for the tip.
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